Gal Cerf VP R&D at Pops (today Engineering Manager at Facebook)

"I've worked with Oryan for over a year and she has demonstrated great talent, professionalism, dedication and perfectionism in her work and conduct.

As POPs Studio manager, Oryan managed the relations with animators and content providers, and delivered highest quality content, while constantly improving deliverables and ingenuity.

I'm sure Oryan will be a great addition to any team, either as a member or as a service provider."

Nir Ofir, Founder and CO-CEO at Pops (today Chief Produce officer at Medicount Global Ltd) 

"It was a pleasure working with Oryan, that took the lead in building and managing POPs studio, working closely with hundreds of animators around the world for producing great mobile animations and videos. I will definitely hire her again!"

Amitay Tweeto, Project Manager at Pops (Today Product Manager at Viber)

"Oryan is a very efficient worker. She makes the job done very quick and very well.

I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her."

Tal Dagan, AVP, General Manager, Avatars BU, Comverse

"Oryan was a key Animator at the Avatars business unit in Comverse. Her animations and drawings were truly amazing, garnering many praises from numerous customers worldwide. On top of that Oryan showed excellent dedication, team spirit and it was always a great experience working with her."


Zahi Aizer, Offshoring R&D Activity Manager & Team Manager, Comverse

"I have been working with Oryan for almost a year. She is definitely one of the best animators & illustrators I had a chance to work with. In her work she always presented a great amount of creativity, skill and innovation."


Asaf Yeffet, Project Manager, Comverse

"Oryan and I worked together for about 3 years, She is a very talented animator, always patient with the project needs and requests, no matter how frequently they were changed. A charming person, always smiling, great team member with great communication skills & popular by her co-workers. she is dedicated to her work, and always strive to have the best results. I will be glad to work with her in the future, and I highly recommend her.",


Oren Shaham, Project Management Group Manager (R&D Delivery), Comverse Network Systems

"I worked with Oryan in the Avatars Business Unit at Comverse for about a year, As one of the Senior designer in our studio she was always available to support any of the customer’s requirements in a very professional attitude, she always provides her materials on time with the best quality that help us as the project team to meet our obligations to our customers. She is very professional and it was a great experience to work with her, I hope it will happened again in the future."